Pimbunu gemba | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Pimbunu gemba | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


Once open a time there lived a gembi family at a lake. There were three baby frogs (two brothers and one sister gemba) and parents. Their parents protected them always without letting any troubles to their gembi pataw. Gembi amma and gembi thatha always went outside and take whatever needed and they always asked their children’s to stay at the lake without moving to other laces. And these little gembi nangi, gembi ayyay and gembi malli had fishes as friends and they only talked with them.

One day they heard a huge noise from the other side of the lake. And these gembi ayya and gembi nangi got frightened and they hide under the water plants. But gembi malli did not listened to them he stayed without fear and laughed at his cousins. And another day gembi nangi got feared for a barking sound and stayed closed to gembi ayya under the water plants. But then also gembi malli did not move a bit and either did not hide.

One day their parents advice three of them “listen my children, three of you stay at the lake till we come back and don’t go outside. And don’t quarrel” and the three of them agreed to parents advice and parents went away. Gembi malli was so annoyed, because only parents are going here and there and they had to stay at this lake. He wanted to see the world beyond the lake. And he though to visit surround without telling to his sister and brother. So he jumped off from the river and went to the other side, he was so happy to see the greenish environment. Then he saw a huge rock like animal sleeping at a side. He wanted have a good look at that animal so that he went near to him. It was a cow and this poor little gemba didn’t knew that. Suddenly that cow waked and stand up and poor little gembi malli got hit his leg as it was a huge cow. And little gembi malli cried and walked away with the hurting leg.

He went to his family and told the story. Gembi amma was so angry with the huge animal as mentioned by his son. And she said “how could that animal do this to my son, wait I’ll go and tell him this was wrong” then the gembi malli said “no mother please don’t go, you will also get hurt. It was a so big animal like a rock”. Then gembi father filled his tummy (pimbuna) and asked “is it this size” son said no, then again pimbuna till he blast he started to pimbenna.

The other elders who saw the incident told “how could a frog show a size of a cow, that’s why everyone should have to know their size”. So that’s what happen to Pimbunu gemba, it blast loosing itself.