Ibi raalage ibi katuwa | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Ibi raalage ibi katuwa | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


Imasha wirajani wrote the story ii ralage ibi katuwa which was also a Sinhala lama katha story. This is also one of simple lama katha story which is based on a rabbit and a tortoise. Once in a jungle lived an ibi raala. This ibi raala was so unhappy about his ibi katuwa he didn’t liked that shell. He was so worried to have that and was always thought about that as a trouble.

One day he went to seek his friend which was a rabbit. And he went and said “look haa haami, you live so freely without an ibi katuwa. I also wants to live like that. This is so heavy and ugly I don’t want this”. Ibi raala said sadly. Then the rabbit said “don’t say so you need that ibi katuwa and it is not bad as you say”.

But ibi raala did not accept any of that said by the rabbit. While they were talking and discussing suddenly a mango fell from the tree. The rabbit jumped backward and poor ibi raala hide his head under his ibi katuwa. The mango hit on his shell and felt apart. And then the rabbit was so happy that ibi raala was protected because of his ibi katuwa. So that rabbit now explained the value of the ibi katuwa to ibi raala. And he understood that and was very happy that he saved his life from the ibi katuwa. And after that he never regret of having that shell.