Dompeta Yana para | Sinhala lama Katha - Kids Story

Dompeta Yana para | Sinhala lama Katha – Kids Story


Dompeta Yana para is a one of famous Sinhala lama katha in Sri Lanka. This story is related with a young boy and deaf family lived in a village. One day this young boy thought to visit his relatives who are living in dompe. So early in the morning he start his journey to dompe. It was a very long journey and now he had come a half away through a village. And there he came to a junction and he cannot remember where to turn. So he was wondering at the junction where to go from there. And there he saw a farmer digging sweat potatoes at the garden. So he went near him and ask for Dompeta Yana para not knowing that this old man is deaf. This old man stopped digging and said that these potatoes are good but you have to wait till I dig them. Young man got shocked from the reply and thought he was crazy of telling something else for the question. and then he said that he does not want those potatoes he just need to know the path to dompe  then that old man said “ that’s what I’m telling , if you don’t trust me ask from wife she is there at the house.

So this young man who needs to know the Dompeta Yana para went to the house and there the farmer’s wife was there sewing a mat. Poor young man asked the same question from the women not knowing that she is also deaf. The women then said “I have finished sewing this mat, but you have to wait till I paint it to buy”, the boy got very upset and said “I don’t want your mat I just want to know the Dompeta Yana para”. Then this deaf women said “this is a perfect mat, if you have any quarries asked from my son he is there at the backyard feeding the cow”. Then the young man turn around saying “ok, I’ll go get him “. And he went to the backyard seeking their son.

There at the backyard was a young boy feeding a cow. Then this young man who wanted to know the roads to dompe went near him and asked “hey, could you please tell me the Dompeta yana para”. The boy who was feeding the cattle raised his head and smiled and said “yes this cow is very good and but you have to give 2 coins for this one unless I don’t sell this cow”. The young man was absolutely shocked knowing that this boy is also deaf. He again said “I don’t want your cow I want to know the road “.then the boy said “if you don’t believe be talk with my sister she will tell you”.

There was a beautiful girl standing and looking shyly at this young man. He went near her and asked the same question from her. Poor young man he did not get the answer instead she said “there a crow cried and told me that someone will come to see me today, if my family accept us I would like to marry you”. The young man got absolutely shocked from that reply and he understood that this whole family is deaf. He got feared from the girls reply and ran away without even looking at the house .so that was the a simple Sinhala lama katha, known as Dompeta yana para.