Punchi ruvindi | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Punchi ruvindi | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


There in a small village lived a small girl called ruvindi. She lost her parents and lives with her step mother. Punchi ruvindi is very kind and talented. She always helps step mother. But her step mother was always very rude to her. Punchi ruvindi has the ability to sing songs beautifully.  After coming home from the school she completes her homework and she start singing songs in front of the mirror. She love to look at herself and sing song at the mirror.

One day while ruvindi was singing at the mirror step mother heard the sound. And then she started to shout at her “what are you doing, always murmuring just stop this singing. Don’t ever start singing at my house” said the step mother. Punchi ruvindi was very sad she cried a lot sitting at the mirror. There while she was crying her best friend sepali came to ruvindi’s house searching for her. Sepali saw that ruvindi was crying and asked “hey ruvindi what happened, why are you crying”, and punchi ruvindi told the story to sepali.

Sepali felt so sorry for ruvindi, she came here to tell about the singing completion. But she did not felt to tell it as step mother had asked ruvindi to stop singing. So sepali did not mentioned anything about the singing completion and went away. On the other day sepali’s mother came to meat ruvindi’s step mother. They were best friends and ruvindi’s step mother was so happy to see sepali’s mother. Sepali’s mother asked “hey there is a singing completion at the school, and one who is going to win will get so many gifts”. Then ruvindi’s step mother said “so what, why are telling that to me “. Then sepali’s mother got angry and said “because you should tell ruvindi to apply for that, I know that she could sing beautifully “. As sepali’s mother said step mother told ruvindi to apply for that. Ruvindi was very happy.

Ruvindi applied and was selected for the completion. Then she won the first place and won all the gifts as mentioned by the sepali’s mother. Step other too was very happy. Thereafter step mother never stopped ruvindi from singing. And as usual ruvindi sang beautiful songs in front of the mirror.