Rawatuna kotiya | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Rawatuna kotiya | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


Kotiya is the second most dangerous animal in the most jungles. There was a huge jungle and many animals lived there. One day a cattle came to the river bank to quench the thirst. Kotiya who went by the river saw the cattle and thought to hunt it for his lunch. And it ran towards the cattle, the cattle which was drinking water did not heard the arrival of the kotiya. The cattle felt very frightened after seeing the kotiya. Kotiya got ready to kill the cattle. Then this cattle said “my lord you are the second leader after the lion, it’s a shame to you if you eat a cattle like me”, I haven’t even grown, either you will not have tasty meat” the kotiya got angry and said “it does not matter, are you trying to escape from me now. I’m very hungry I’ll eat you “.

 The cattle thought and said “no my lord let me go today, ad after eating many leaves and after I became a huge ill come straight to you. Then you will be able to have tasty meat and lots of meat from me, so my lord please let me go today “. The kotiya thought for a little and thought the cattle was right and said “alright that was a good idea. But don’t ever think to trick me. You have to come to me directly” cattle agreed to that. But kotiya damaged the cattle’s one ear so that it could identify the cattle easily after the growth and let it go.

After many years passed and every animal in the jungle bullied the cattle as Kan Kota as he got half of his one ear. Little cattle now had grown and become so big. One day while he was eating grass at the jungle again he met with the kotiya. Then this cattle was very afraid thinking that there will be no escape today. And the kotiya came near thinking he could have a tasty meal today and said “you have grown up so big. Now I could have a tasty meat today as you promised”. The cattle thought of another trick and said “no my lord, you can’t have me here, as I said ill come to the river there you can have me “. kotiya was very angry “ are you trying to trick me and escape , ok then , get a rope and tie one end around your neck and one end around my neck and lets go together to the river” said the tiger.

Poor cattle did as he said and walked front with the rope in the neck thinking how to escape this time. Suddenly the cattle started to run fast, with the tied rope in the neck kotiya was pulled to here and there and hit his whole body in the ground. Kotiya begged the cattle to go slow but then cattle replied that they have to quickly to eat. Kotiya got tricked this time also. That’s what many says you should never postponed a task.