Meeyo yakada kaapu hati | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Meeyo yakada kaapu hati | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


There in a small village lived a trader who sells yakada at the village town shop. He sells yakada (iron), aluminum and several metal blocks and rods. He had a large storage of metals and he had a good profit sale for those metals. One day he needed to visit another village for several days for a special purpose. But he was so worried to close the shop and leave. So he thought of asking from his best friend whether he could open the shop and continue the business till he comes.

So on the other day he went to his best friend’s house. He was very happy to see him. They talked about the past things and then trader came got to the point, “I really want a help from you”, I have to be at the other village for several days, till then can you conduct my business” its only you I trust the most as you are my best friend that’s why I’m asking this help from you said the trader. The friend accept the request so happily without hesitating and promised that he would earn and give a huge profit. And the trader gave him some money to conduct the work.

So the trader went to the other village happily after solving that. And the friend came and opened the shop and was amazed by seeing the stored metal loads and the profit he earned from that. The friend carried on the business till the trader comes. One day he saw the trader was coming and sat on the in front of the shop and cried as if he didn’t saw his appearance. So the trader came near and asked “hey my friend why are you so upset what happen, did I do anything wrong to you”. Then the friend replied “no my friend, come here and see what has happened to the shop I couldn’t protect it”. Then they both went inside and the trader was shocked to see that there were no any metal at the store. He asked “what happened to the metals”, then the friend replied “Meeyo yakada kaala (rats has eaten all the metals), I could not stop that see they have eaten all the metals, I’m so sorry.

Trader looked worried but he said “its ok my friend that’s only some metals, but I value your friendship more let’s forget about that. Here are some gifts and thank you for your hard working” said the trader. Friend was so happy thinking that the trader got trapped nicely to his trick. Then after trader opened the shop and did the business. One day he saw the friends little son walking in to the sweat shop. So he went near him and bought him sweats and took him to his house. He showed the little boy lots of toys and asked him to play inside and he locked the door. He did this as a revenge for his friend’s guilty work.

Then he went to see his friend’s house and saw that he was looking for his son. Then he went near and said “I saw an eagle took your son yesterday, it was surely your son” then the friend said “what are you talking about, how could an eagle take an eight year old boy”. Then the trader laughed and said “why can’t that happen if Meeyo yakada kanawanam”. The friend was shocked and realized what has happened. And he beg for sorry and said to take his all the metals which was hidden in the backyard and give his son back. The trader said “your son is at my place, don’t ever break the trust of anyone. You will never have a friend”.