Sudu bola panchai chuttithai | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Sudu bola panchai chuttithai | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


This Sinhala lama kathawa was written by S.A. Janidu Thathsara. Once in a jungle lived two rabbits one is Sudu bola panchai and the other one was named as chuttithai. They were best friends but Sudu bola panchai was very lazy and chuttithai was very active. Sudu bola panch always eat and sleep but chuttithai was not like that. One day chuttitha wanted to cultivate their own foods and told the idea to his friend Sudu bola pancha said “what are talking about. I can’t work hard I want to eat and sleep well”.

But chuttitha never stopped doing what he thought. It starts preparing the land for the cultivation and went in to the jungle to find seeds to cultivate. Suddenly in the jungle a tiger jumped to chuttitha and said “hey rabbit now I’ll eat you “chuttitha beg from tiger, and suddenly an angel appeared in front of the chuttithai and saved his life. Then this angel said “you are so active and do hard working. So I’ll give you a chance to choose a gift from three things. Tell me one thing you preferred out of these three things I’m telling” and she said “a packet of potatoes, cultivated crops in a land, or vegetable seeds”. Chuttithai said “I want to cultivate my own foods .so I prefer the seeds”. And angle was so happy to his courage and offered seeds.

Chuttithai went to his land and start cultivating the seeds. Then he took care of the cultivated crops and he got a good loads of vegetables. One day Sudu bola panchai couldn’t find anything to eat and was really hungry. Chuttithai gave him the foods he cultivated and Sudu bola panchai felt ashamed of himself and said sorry to chuttithai for not helping him. Then afterward they both start to work hard on the land and cultivate. Then that angel again appeared back and gave both of them a packet of potatoes. They were so happy and their family member were so proud of Sudu bola panchai and chuttitha.