Pansalaya saha makanaya | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Pansalaya saha makanaya | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


Pansalaya saha makanaya is also short Sinhala lama katha story. Pansalaya saha makanaya are two beat friends. They always stayed together and helped each other. When Pansalaya wrote something wrong makanaya will erase that error and helped Pansalaya to make it rewrite correctly.  But one day they both quarreled and got angry. They stayed separately.

On the other day Pansalaya had t write an essay so it started writing it and then some points got wronged. But makanaya did not helped Pansalaya to erase the errors. So Pansalaya wrote the essay without corrections as makanaya did not help him. Then he gave the essay to the teacher. Teacher read the essay carefully there were many mistakes at the essay so teacher was not pleased with it. She draw a cross mark in the whole essay and gave the paper. Pansalaya was so worried he cried a lot. Makanaya was so happy to see that and he laughed at Pansalaya. On the other day also Pansalaya had to write an essay. And he started to write it carefully thinking that he will not make any errors. But unfortunately again he wrote something wrong. Pansalaya was so upset that he cried and makanaya saw that. He was worried about Pansalaya, forgetting the old anger makanaya ran and erase the error made by Pansalaya. Pansalaya was so happy that he got his friend back.  And there after they stayed together helping each other.