Hitha Honda Singithi | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Hitha Honda Singithi | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


K.G. Heshani Erandhi Gunarathne wrote this story called Hitha Honda Singithi. This also belongs to the Sinhala lama katha story session. Once in a village lived a family with a little girl and her parents. This little girl is Singithi. Singithi was a very kind and good innocent girl but her parents was not like that. They did not help anyone but Singithi loved to help poor people.

Singithi’s parents hired a women to do the household things at the house. She came with her little daughter who was same age as Singithi. Little chamari and little Singithi were good friends. They played together at the garden and Singithi was so happy with her. Singithi got a beautiful frock as a birthday present from her mother on her birthday. She was so happy and that frock was so beautiful. But Singithi decided to offer that frock to chamari as she was poor. And Singithi gave that beautiful frock to chamari and chamari was really happy.

Singithi’s mother get to know about the frock and she was so angry about that. She punished to chamari and scolded to Singithi for giving that frock. Time passed after that incident and suddenly Singithi’s mother became sick. Poor chamari’s mother and chamari fed her looked after her well till she recovered. Singithi’s mother was so upset about how she treated to them at the past. And thereafter she looked after chamari as her own child. Singithi and chamari was so happy. This is another short Sinhala lama katha story.