Fisherman | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Fisherman | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


This lama kathwa was written by K.H Rithmi Chamudidni Jayawikrama. This story is based on a fisherman or in Sinhala known as deewaraya.  Once open a time there lived a deewaraya in a rural village. He was a very poor man who earned a living by selling fish. He was very kind and an innocent man also he helps to everyone at the village. Though he helps to everyone at the village he was very poor. As usually he went to the market to sell his fishers and everyone in the market was talking about treasure in the village river. That one person said that the treasure appears only if a person could catch 10 fishes from the river. But this poor innocent fisherman does not believe about these treasure story and he went home after completing his work at the market.

On the other day early in the morning this deewaraya went to the river to catch fish to sell. But he was amazed to see lots of villagers were catching fish in the river seeking for the treasure. As written by Rithmi in this lama kathawa this deewaraya was a very innocent man. He did not ask or scold to anyone for catching fishes but he was very sad that he could not catch fish as usual. So he went   upwards along the river where there was no one catching fish. And then he started catching fishes one by one to his bucket. By the time he had caught 9 fishes to the bucket then he caught a very huge fish and suddenly a box appeared from the river. And this deewaraya got the box to the river bank and opened it.

He became so surprised by seeing the things inside the box. It was full of gold coins and that was the treasure box which was searched by everyone. Finally the poor innocent deewaraya became so rich. But he never stopped helping the villagers though he became rich he was very helpful and innocent as usual. This lama kathwa conveys a good meaning which is that if you are a good person then always good things will happens to you and even you are poor or rich help others that will make both you and others happy.