Nariya raja una hati | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Nariya raja una hati | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


Nariya is the trickiest animal in the jungle. He used to trick to all most all the animal and take advantages. All the animals treated the lion as their king in the jungle. But Nariya was so worried about that he did not want be a slave to king he wanted be the king and rule the jungle. But animals in the jungle did not respect Nariya they treat him like a betrayer. So Nariya was so very worried and he barely have taste meat from the jungle.

And there at the border of the jungle lives a farmer, they have hens at their home. One day this Nariya suddenly remember the taste of chicken and thought to visit the farmer’s house planning to catch a hen. Then he went there and look whether famer’s wife is there. Because she is such a powerful women that she had beaten him several time as he got caught to her while trying to catch a hen.

So Nariya slowly went and peak at the front of the house. He got shocked to see that farmer’s wife was sewing a mat he got feared. And then he thought to visit the backyard without making a noise so that the farmer’s wife will not notice his presence.  At the backyard farmers wife had kept a blue color paint pot to color the mat and this Nariya so that and thought it was meat pot. He peaked in to the large pot, but unfortunately he felt in to it making a huge noise.

Farmer’s wife who was sting at the front heard the sound and ran with a rod for protection. And Nariya saw the arrival of farmer’s wife and somehow he jumped off from the paint pot and ran before the farmer’s wife hit him. As the Nariya felt in to a blue color paint pot he was totally covered with blue color, nobody could specify him as a fox. So he ran away in to the jungle and finally came near to the river and quenched the thirst.

All the animals who came to river for water was shocked with this abnormal colored animal. They did not identify him. So they asked him “who are you, we have never seen you before I this land “. And Nariya thought “they didn’t recognize me, so this is the time that I could act like the king and take the advantage of the moment “. And then he said to the animals “I’m the king of this jungle, from now on you have to do whatever ask you with respect”. All the animals got feared and beg that they will do anything to him. Nariya was so happy that he got the opportunity to be the king. Then he went to rest and at the night it was a full moon day and when the moon appears Nariya could not hide his habit of howling to the moon. Then all the animals heard the howling and gathered and saw that it was that tricky Nariya again. They all together hit him till he ran away from the jungle for tricking them. That’s how Nariya became the king or Nariya raja una hati.