Sinhala lama gee Kubichchi thema geethaya

kubichchi | Sinhala lama gee Kubichchi Thema Geethaya ( kubichchi song )


LyricistMr Athula Ransirilal
kubichchi | Sinhala lama gee Kubichchi thema geethaya lyrics
Sinhala lama gee Kubichchi Thema Geethaya (Theme Song)

kubichchi | Sinhala Kids Cartoon Theme Song Kubichchi

karabaagena karadhara iwasanni
kaluyi sithkaluyi kuBichchi
kadisara gamanayi kammAli pAradheyi
kathaa aduyi wAda kuBichchi
kuBichchi apea kuBichchi

kuBi gamea kuBi gedhara kuBi kumari
meyaa thamayi kuBi kAlea nisi baladhaari

kalu paatata sudhu gathi guNa dhennea
boru ugulta rAwatili pannannea
uthsaahayamayi sahayoegayamayi
samagi balea matha jaya gannea
kuBichchi apea kuBichchi
kuBichchi apea kuBichchi

paayanaa kaaleadhi rA dhawal mahansi vii
kanna dhea rAs karayi kuBiyoe

Sinhala lama gee – Kubichchi Theme Song- English Meaning

“Kubichchi” is a cartoon song which was written by Athula Ransirilal. This song composed about an ant known as kubichchi and it tries to tell the story and the talents of this ant. This is one of the most popular cartoon song and a cartoon among children. This cartoon which is based on activities of an ant implies the benefits of working as a group and also says the benefits of working actively. it’s a great song for children which could be enoy   

Sinhala lama gee Kubichchi Thema Geethaya (Theme Song)

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