Sigithige kathawa | Sinhala Lama Katha - Kids Story

Sigithige kathawa | Sinhala Lama Katha – Kids Story


Sigithige kathawa is also another type of lama katha written by Dasunika Thathsarani. Once open a time there lived a poor little girl called Singithi with her mother. They earned a very little by cultivating crop and they were very poor. They hardly manage to eat but lived happily. But one day Singithi’s mother got sick. She couldn’t get up from the bed so she asked Singithi to get the doctor.

But Singithi sit aside and wait as they don’t have any money to pay the doctor. So mother understood that and asked Singithi and said “tell him that we will definitely pay him back. Go get him quickly now”. And then Singithi ran to get the doctor. Doctor’s house is situated in the middle of the jungle and she walked in to the jungle. Suddenly she saw an old man without legs sleeping under a tree. When she tried to pass him he called her “dear little one, I haven’t had anything for days please can I have some food”. Singithi was very upset and she thought about her mother she have  to ask for the doctor  then she again thought about this poor man without legs and thought to help him first. And then she went to the forest and plucked some ripped fruit and offered the old man.

Old man ate all the fruits happily and asked another help from Singithi “please can you bring some water to drink”. Singithi went to the river and bought some water and offered it the old man and said “uncle it’s too late for me now, I have to get the doctor to my house. My mother is sick, so I’ll leave you now. Stay safe” and she turn to run to doctors home. But suddenly a bright light appeared from that tree Singithi looked back at the tree. The old man has disappeared and a god belongs to that tree appears in front of her.

The god said “I have not met such a kind hearted girl like you. Ask anything from me I’ll give what you want”. Singithi was so happy and said “please god save my mother and cure her illness she’s very sick” and that’s all I want. And the god replied “here take this gold coins and go to your home now you’ll get what you ask “. Then Singithi turned and ran to her house then she saw her mother walking in the garden. She was very happy and there after they lived happily.