Sinhala lama gee - Amuthu Adum - Fredy Silva's Song 2

Sinhala lama gee – Amuthu Adum – Fredy Silva’s Song


SingerFreddy Silva
LyricistPrema Keerthi De Alwis
ComposerSanath Nandasiri
Sinhala lama gee Amuthu Adum Fredy Silvas Song lyrics

Amuthu Adum – Fredy Silva’s Song

amuthu adhum Adha hadawana rabaanaki athea
polawea idhan adi dhahayak withara usa Athea
aakaasea oluwa wadhiyi kiyala baya hithea
boru kakul kaarayek enawaa anna ar puthe

uNabambu dhekak uda minihaa innea kohomadha
eyaa api waagea maha poLawea payin yanawadha
mata thearennae thaaththea kiyala dhenawadha
eyaa udin yannea Ayi pahalin yanna bAruwadha

boru ahankaara kam kenekugea nAthi unoth hithea
eyaa udin neweyi bimin giyaath wArAdhdhak nAthea
boru kakul meyaa waage bAdhala nAthi unath puthe
oya wagea udin yana Aayoe hugaak lowa Athea

Sinhala lama gee – Amuthu Adum English Meaning

Boru kakul karaya Sinhala lama gee song which was sung by Mr. fredi de Silva conveys about the arrogant people metaphorically by using the man who walk on stilts. The first 4 verses are about how a father described this man to his little says about the fancy dress worn by this man with his traditional drum on one hand. To convey the height of this boru kakul karaya , father says to his son that see this boru kakul karaya is about  10 feet height from the ground lookout how he is walking like he might hit his head on sky.

The second verse is about sons questions he is so curious about this man and he ask from his father  how this man walks with this  bamboo stilts on his  legs , cant he walk on the ground just like us dad I don’t understand why he do this cant he walk down on the road without going above the road. These verses conveys the curiosity of this child about this boru kakul karaya in this lama gee song.

Then the father answers to the questions, take this man as a metaphor and teach his son about the arrogant people who lives around them. They who walk on the roads are appear to be as the boru kakul karaya in this song which was sung by fredi de Silva.

Sinhala lama gee – Amuthu Adum – Fredy Silva’s Song

From the internet records we identified that this amuthu adum song is sung by Mr. Freddy Silva. Music composed by Mr.Sanath Nandasiri and the lyricist of this kids song is Mr.Prema Keerthi De Alwis.This lama gee kathandara website is maintained to aware our kids about great songs which we had in our if you know about any similar good songs please contact us.

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